Microdermabrasion Side Effects Most People Don’t Know Yet

28 Jul 2016 08:33

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Microdermabrasion is non-invasive cosmetic procedure to exfoliate the outer layers of the epidermis. In simple language microdermabrasion is procedure to exfoliate the dead skin on your face. Microdermabrasion’s procedures are basically in two ways. First procedure is applying exfoliating mechanical medium. Second procedure is vacuuming dead skin and exfoliating medium with a hand-piece. This is a non-invasive procedure.

Though there are microdermabrasion side effects most people don’t know yet, microdermabrasion still become an interesting object for women who would want their face skin rejuvenate. Officially the procedure has done by trained skin care or physician but now there are home microdermabrasion machine in the market. Every housewife could exfoliate their dead skin themselves.

The microdermabrasion’s procedure usually takes time about 5-60 minutes. Since it is simple procedure usually people who took the procedure could resume their activities afterward & you can use it at home too because microdermabrasion also available for home use, you can follow internet guide for microdermabrasion machine reviews and tutorial. The most complaints after microdermabrasion usually are about temporary dryness and photosensitivity. However there are still microdermabrasion side effects most people don’t know yet, like:

1. Skin tightness. Common side effect and only temporary.
2. Redness or mild erythema. Common side effect and only temporary.
3. Minor bruising. Common side effect and only temporary.
4. Skin sensitivity. Common side effect and only temporary.
5. Photosensitivity.
6. Petechiae (small red blotch in the skin due to haemorrhage). Usually it is because too much pressure in the vacuum or the prolonged time use of microdermabrasion machine. It also could happen to people who consume aspirin or any blood-thinner drugs before microdermabrasion.
7. Post-inflammatory pigmentation change. Because of the tampered of skin color, people with type IV-VI on the Fitzpatrick Scale or basically people with darker skin, are not encouraged to do microdermabrasion.
8. Scarring. Theoretically the incidents will increase in people who get glycolic acid peel before or after microdermabrasion procedure.
9. Telangiectasis (abnormal dilatation of blood vessel). It could happen to people with rosacea.
10. Cold sore around the lips.
11. Eye problems. It happens to people that use microdermabrasion with aluminum oxide crystal as their exfoliating medium. The crystal dust could fall into eyes and give an eye problem.
12. Respiratory problems like pulmonary fibrosis, pneumonia. It also could happen in aluminum oxide crystal medium. This is occupation hazard for the worker who gets long exposure to aluminum dust.
13. Alzheimer disease. There is one study that says there is link between aluminum exposure and Alzheimer disease.

Some side effects above could be prevented and some could not. Like cold sore around lips could be prevented by consuming anti viral pill. Eye problems could be prevented by using goggle or wet cloth during the procedure or do microdermabrasion that using diamond tips as medium. Respiratory problems also could be prevented if the worker always uses the mask during the procedure.

After microdermabrasion patients must do:
1. Keep the skin moisture by using anti-inflammatory cream
2. Do not scratch the new skin
3. Avoid the direct sun.
4. Do not consume medicine with glycolic, retinol base.
5. Use mild or soft cleanser.

Before you do microdermabrasion, you better consult your doctor about your medical history to avoid microdermabrasion side effects most people don’t know yet.

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